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CPT 105 · Franklin College · Erich Prisner · 2002-2007
  Tuesday Thursday

16: Introduction, Syllabus, Getting started, Browsing the internet, Search Engines,

read Chapter 1 of the book.

18: Overview of a computer system, Software, Extensions and Application Software, Windows, Files and Folders, Office,

read Chapter 2 on Application Software.

23: Brief introduction into Powerpoint

Start with Excel


25: Spam email, Ethics on Software, more ExcelSample Excel Project, Excel Project   

Quiz 1 on Chapter 2: Applications Software, and on Files and Folders and Extensions

 Jan/ Feb

30: Operating Systems, Work on the Excel Project, Powerpoint

read Chapter 3 on Operating Systems

1:  Work on the Excel Project.
History of Computing I

Quiz 2 on Chapter 3: Operating Systems

  6Hardware, Input devices, Mouse, Keyboard,  MouseHistory of Computing I
Work on the Excel Project


8Output devices, Work on the Excel Project

Read Chapter  5 on Input and Output.

13: Graphics, Corel Draw 15: Compression, graphics compression,

Quiz 3 on Chapter 5, Input and Output

  20Deadline for the Excel Project

Read Chapter 4 on CPU

What you need to be able to do for the Excel quiz

22:  Explanation of the optional Corel Draw Project.

Quiz 4 on Excel

 Feb/ March 27 1CPU,








March 20:
Internet, HTML

Read Chapter 8 on the Internet

22: Web Page Project, Dynamic Web Pages, HTML
  27: Networking, Web Page Project,

Read Chapter 7 on Networking

Quiz 5 on Chapter 4, CPU, and on HTML
29: Secondary Storage: Floppy Disk, Harddrive, CD, DVD, Web Page Project,
April 3: Privacy and Security,Web Page Project

Quiz 6 on Dynamic Web Pages and Secondary Storage.

5:  Databases, Access,
 Web Page Project,

  10: Access,  the Internet in Business, Access Project 12: Encryption ,   
AccessAccess Project

Quiz 7 on Networking and Databases


17: Form Letters and Excel Form Letters Project Access Project  

Deadline for the Web Page Project.

19: Programming LanguagesAccess Project

Quiz 8

  24: Access Project 26: Open Business
May 1: Review

Deadline for the writing project and the optional Corel Draw Project, please submit both as email attachment.

  Finals Finals