Please note the

  C l a s s   R u l e s  

CPT 105 Home · Franklin College · Erich Prisner · 2002-2007

For a productive and effective functioning of the class, several rules should be obeyed.

  1. Remember to save all your work (frequently) in the "My Documents" folder, and/or on a USB-stick. 
  2. Use your Franklin College email address in this class. Email is the most convenient way for me to communicate with you outside of class (though you might also want to give me your phone number), remind you of deadlines, ..., so please check your email account at least every week.
  3. Reading your private email, playing computer games, browsing the internet for fun is all fine, but not in class. In other words, these activities are forbidden during class. Violations will lower your classroom participation score.
  4. Arrive in time and don't leave early. Again violations may lower your classroom participation score.
  5. Please participate!
  6. No cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated! See the handbook for procedure.
  7. Please be so nice and help each other in and outside of class. If you know how things are done and your neighbor struggles, help and show. Also in projects, help. This doesn't contradict the previous rule---just don't do the project for someone else, and don't copy part of your code into the project of someone else.
  8. If anything goes wrong, if you are not understanding anything, or if you are bored, if you are feeling treated unfair, ..., tell me, and tell me early, as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.