W r i t i n g P r o j e c t  

MAT201 · Franklin College · Erich Prisner · 2006

You have to write one group research paper of about three pages length (without graphs, tables, data, which could be several pages).

For some of the topics you need sources, for some you don't. If you use sources, please cite and quote correctly and completely, also internet sources.

List of topics

  1. Basketball (creating data, descriptive statistics, Bernoulli and normal distribution, mean estimation)
  2. Used cars (creating data, paired data, regression and correlation)
  3. Highway Patrol (Mathematics and Probability, distributions)
  4. Temperature (Descriptive Statistics, mean estimation, regression and correlation)
  5. Bet and Lose
  6. Leaving an airplane (simulation, creating data, descriptive statistics, distributions, mean estimation)

Erich Prisner, August 2003