Warm-Up 9, Due Thursday, September 25, 12:00.

Warm-up questions usually either address material we handled during last class, or material you were to read in preparation for class, or you are supposed to answer questions based on your common sense alone. Please answer each question in three or more sentences. It is OK to answer 'I don't know' - but try to tell me why you are confused! No late Warm Ups are accepted for any reason, and only those submitted electronically through this web page (or by email, if the web page has technical problems) are considered.
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Question 1

Play ten rounds of static DMA soccer on this page, using the formation of one defence player, three midfielders, and one attack for blue, and one defence player, two midfielders, and two attack players for red. This is the one automatically showing when loading the page, so you shouldn't change anything, just click the button "play" and "new game". Submit the list of all ten end results (something like 2:3, 4:1, ...).. This list shows at the bottom of the page after you have played all ten plays, just copy and paste this part in the textbox. Which formation is stronger, based on your data?

Question 2

What formation would you choose if you would have to play static DMA 9-rounds soccer. Note that you and the coach of the other team would have to submit their formation (like 1 defence, 2 midfield, 2 attack) simultaneously before the game starts. Also, formations can not be changed during the play, during all nine rounds. Of course it would help to get some data support by trying out several combinations on the applet again.