Warm-Up 3, Due Wednesday, September 3, 23:59.

Warm-up questions usually either address material we handled during last class, or material you were to read in preparation for class, or you are supposed to answer questions based on your common sense alone. Please answer each question in three or more sentences. It is OK to answer 'I don't know' - but try to tell me why you are confused! No late Warm Ups are accepted for any reason, and only those submitted electronically through this web page (or by email, if the web page has technical problems) are considered.
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Look at the following simultaneous 2-player game, where Ann has three options called "Up", "Middle", and "Down", and where Beth also has three options called "L", "M", and "R". The payoffs for both players are shown in this bimatrix:
 L  M  R 
Up 5,4  1,3  1,3 
Middle 4,1  1,2  3,2 
Down 6,2  2,3  2,1 

Question 1

What is the payoff for Ann if she plays "Middle" when Bath plays option "R"?

Question 2

What would you play as player Ann, and why?

Question 3

What is the Maximin move for player Ann? What si the Maximin move for player Beth?

Question 4

Are some of the options dominated? Which one(s)?