Warm-Up 15, Due Tuesday, November 18, 10:00.

Warm-up questions usually either address material we handled during last class, or material you were to read in preparation for class, or you are supposed to answer questions based on your common sense alone. Please answer each question in three or more sentences. It is OK to answer 'I don't know' - but try to tell me why you are confused! No late Warm Ups are accepted for any reason, and only those submitted electronically through this web page (or by email, if the web page has technical problems) are considered.
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Read this article. Then answer the following two questions:

Question 1

According to von Neumann's poker investigation, explain the reason why you would only bluff with your worst hands? Do you think the argument is sound?

Question 2

Why does the author think, the use of Game Theory in poker may be limited?

Question 3

Read this article. Then explain briefly why a soccer player who shoots 70% of the cases to the right and only 30% of the cases would be less successful (on the long run) than one shooting 50% right and left.