Restaurant Placement Game 3

This is a game for two players (Mc Blue and Red King) representing big Sushi restaurant chains. The circle represent villages and the sizes represent number of villagers---1000 or 2000 or 3000. The villages are connected by roads as shown. Crossing of roads are bridges and not intersections---you cannot switch roads there.

Build restaurants of your chain in the village by clicking on it. Under the assumption that everybody visits a sushi restaurant once a year if some is in the same city, once every two years if the nearest one is in an neighboring village, and never otherwise. People always go to some nearest restaurant (no matter from which chain). Your task is to maximize the area of customers for your chain. After each click, the colered parts of the cities indicate those people coming to one of the coreesponding restaurants this year.

There are different variants, moving sequentially ("seq") or simultaneously ("sim"), each chain placing one, two, or three restaurants (indicated by the number), and playing against the Computer or between two human players who click alternately ("Ann---Beth"). For example, by clicking on the "seq2 Comp---You" button you decide to play sequentially against the computer with 2 restaurants for each chain, the computer starting. The payoff shown below is the expected number of customers per year in thousands.