Waiting for Mr. Perfect

There are two female players, waiting inside a bar for men. Two men will enter, one after the other, and for each man the women decide simultaneously whether they are interested in flirting with him or not. If both express interest, then the man will flirt with one of the women randomly. Women already flirting can no longer express interest in a new man entering---flirts cannot be canceled!

Perfect men, having a "value" of 3, are rare (initially p3=1/6), good men with "value" of 2 are more frequent (initially p2=1/3), but most frequent are average men (initially p2=1/2) with a "value" of 1. These numbers can also be changed in the three text fields. After two rounds, when the game has finished, the payoff for the player is the value of the man she flirts with. Note that even a flirt with an average man is better than no flirt---some of the female readers may feel different in real life.

When a man enters, Ann's and Beth's decisions are expressed using the Yes/No buttons. After that, press the "Evaluate" button to establish the flirt.

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Erich Prisner, 2012