Simultaneous QUATRO-UNO

There are two players, and each one gets 4 cards, a "4", a "3", a "2", a "1". Each player orders his or her four cards into a pile. Then repeatedly both players reveal their leftmost card. The lower card is taken away from the pile, thrown away, and the higher one, the winning one, remains in the pile. In case of identical cards, both cards are removed. There is also one exception: If one card is a "1" and the other a "4", then both cards are removed. The first player hving an empty pile loses.

Each player (independently) selects a pile by clicking on the available cards. Then these choices are given to the referee who clicks on the available cards to create the piles from left to right. Once both piles are determined, the process starts automatically. Then lean back and observe. When the game is finished, you can play another one.

Ann: Beth:
Ann wins
Beth wins

Erich Prisner, 2012