MINI BLACKJACK against Dealer Beth

Ann sits left, the card dealer Beth right. Beth is played by the computer. The players' cards are lying openly in front of them. If a player has to move, the back of a card is shown. In case of Ann having to move, two buttons saying "card" and "stop" are also shown then. "Card" means that the player wants to take the card, "stop" that the player wants no more cards. In case of Beth moving, what she does is briefly written below her cards. What the stack of card holds is shown in the first row. There is also a button where you can start a new shuffled deck with 16 "1"s and 16 "2"s. Otherwise such a new deck is taken if the old deck has less than 5 cards. The bet is always 1 dollar, and the standing is shown in the last row.

The stack contains 1s and 2s

Ann wins
Beth wins

Standing: Standing:

Erich Prisner, 2012