Static DMA(6*) Soccer

DMA(6*) Soccer

This game is played on a field divided into three subfields called "left", "midfield" and "right". Two teams, Blue and Red, play against each other. Each team sends 6 players on the field, where each player goes into a subfield and stays there during the whole game. Every team must send at least one player into each subfield. At the beginning, and after each "goal", the referee throws the ball into the midfield. One player in the midfield will catch the ball---we always assume that if the ball is thrown into a subfield, then one player there catches it.

A ball may never been thrown directly from left to right field, or from right to left field.

Here you can simulate any number of rounds. At the beginning, choose the formations for both teams by pressing the arrow buttons. Also select the number of rounds. When you click the 'Automatic play' or the 'Step-by-Step' button, the play starts and no changes in the distributions or the number of rounds are possible anymore. But during automatic play, you can adjust the speed of play with the 'faster' or 'slower' buttons.

blue D blue M blue A
red A red M red D
Goal for Blue
Goal for Red
Game over
Blue:     :   Red

Number of Rounds planned:

Erich Prisner, 2012