You play a quiz show with up to six questions. When answering a question correctly, a certain (increasing) amount of money is put on the board. After each round, you have the option to stop and take the money on the board you have accumulated so far, or hear the next question. If you have heard the next question, there is no way out---you have to answer it correctly to proceed into the next round. If you give the wrong answer, all your accumulated money is lost.

The probabilities for giving a wrong answer, and the amounts of money the player gets when answering correctly, for the different rounds, are called the parameters of the game. These parameters are known to the player at the very beginning.

Here you play:

question number:
worth of question:
probability to get it wrong:
accumulated money:

Parameters of the game

These are the parameters of your game. Change them to create different versions of the game.

Parameters of the game:
Probability for wrong answer

Erich Prisner, 2012