DUEL: (1 Bullet version, p=0.05)

DUEL(1,1|0.1,0.2,...): Two players, Adam and Bob, move sequentially and they alternate. At each move, the player to move decides whether to "shoot" or to "walk". The probability of hitting the other increases from 0.05 at the first move, to 0.1, 0.15, and so on, but it only increases after one has walked. Each player only has one bullet. That means that after one has shot, the game is over. If he hit the other, he has won. If he missed, he has lost (the other will not bother to wait and shoot). Winning has a payoff of 1, losing without being hurt of -1, and losing by being hit of -2.

Whoever is supposed to move---Adam or Ben---has two buttons under his name, "shoot" and "walk". Hit one of these buttons.

Probability for hitting:
Adam wins, Ben is hurt
Adam wins, Ben loses
Adam loses, Ben wins
Adam is hurt, Ben wins

Erich Prisner