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CPT 106 · Franklin College · Erich Prisner · 2002-2006

with Northwind2


In the "Employees" table, change the validation rule for birthday in such a way that the program excepts nobody of age 15 or younger, and nobody of age 80 or older.  

Create a new table "Job Description". The fields should be "Title", "Minimum Salary", "Description", and For the title field, create a lookup box. Don't forget to set a primary key. Make a relation in the relationship window with the "Employees" table.


  1. Find out which orders Margaret Peacock handled during August 1996. Display those who were shipped to Germany.
  2. Have there ever been any order from a supplier in London to a customer in Paris? Which supplier and which customer had that been? When where these orders ordered? 
  3. Modify the previous query to include the criteria whether any condiments were ordered? Which condiments?
  4. Modify the previous query to find out how long it took in each of the above cases from order to shipping. Use a calculated field and the expression builder.
  5. Modify query number 2,3,4 into a Parameter Query where the user can input the supplier city (has been London) and also the customer city (was Paris).


  1. Using the form wizard, create a form displaying all employees.
  2. Create a form for the parameter query constructed in step 5 in the query section.


See instruction on the Macro Page.





Erich Prisner, 11/22/2003