Corel Draw project

  B o x e s  

CPT 105 · Franklin College · Erich Prisner · 2002-2006


  1. Create two squares (you create squares by pressing the control key while dragging). You may want to rotate them before we go on (I didn't in my example).
  2. Use the interactive extrude tool to get 3D-cubes. You may want to put the vanishing point on a horizontal line (the horizon line) to get the perspective right.
  3. The sides of these 3D-cubes will be filled with copies of a sheet we produce. In my case it is a yellow "M" on a blue background, but you may as well choose something more complicated. It just should fit into a square. When you have finished this square, group the objects on it. Activate all objects (either by clicking on all of them while the shift button is pressed, or draw a rectangle around all objects you mean) and then press "Ctrl-g". Now the different objects are just one superobject.
  4. Now duplicate the grouped object ("Ctrl-D"). Activate the copy and choose the interactive envelope tool . You see nine squares around your object, the nodes of the "envelope". Changing the shape of the envelope will change the shape of your object as well, try it.
  5. We only need the four nodes in the corner, so delete the other four by rightclicking on them and choosing "delete". Rightclick on each of the four curves between and choose the option "to Line" What remains is a simple envelope with four nodes and four straight lines between. Now move the four nodes on the vertices of the cube for one side to get one side covered. Duplicate it ("Ctrl-d" again) and proceed with the other sides. 
  6. Now, if necessary, bring the corresponding sides to the foreground by choosing "Arrange-Order-To Front" respectively "... to Back". 
  7. Now you may want to change the colors of the sides slightly, emphasizing differences of the light conditions on top of the box, or inside. For changing these colors, you have to ungroup each superobject (side) using "Ctrl-u" to be able to address the ingredients.
  8. Finally create a shadow for your flying box by clicking at the bottom of your square, choosing the shadow tool, and dragging the shadow down to where it belongs. Strictly speaking (with perspective) this shadow is not totally correct.