Erich Prisner
Spring 2002


Logical Consequences

Which one of the following sentences is a logical consequence of some others? Mark those which are in your set M of sentences by writing a "1" in the first row. Then you can get the truth table, but also only those rows of the truth table (those assignments) where all our sentences in M are true. Then you only have to check whether under these assumptions the considered statement is also true in each row shown.
For instances, statment # 5 is a consequence of statments #1,2,3, but statement #4 is not.
a b c d a->b b->!c c->(a||d) b->d !a||(b&&!c) b||c c||d (a&&b)||(c&&d) (a&&c)->b .... ....

the whole truth table.
assignments obey all marked statements?.